The inspirational Tracey Barraclough [sportrait]

Wow, what can I say about the amazing Tracey Barraclough one of the most inspirational women ever. If in doubt read more about her story here.
A while ago I heard Tracey speak at the Bradford Now Hereevent and her story was so mind blowing. I did know that I one day I wanted to meet her and get her in front of my camera. I have recently been going through a portfolio building activity to enhance my “sportfolio” (more will be revealed when my new website goes live) so I asked Tracey if she wanted a photo shoot. Tracey is a bodybuilder (figure) so was the perfect candidate to have the John Steel Photography sportait experience.

When discussing locations for the photo shoot Tracey mentioned that she trained in New Era gym in Yeadon so she would ask the owner for permission. This was the first gym that I ever joined about twenty years ago (previously Johnny’s gym) so I was excited to go back. The gym is a proper gym, people go there to train which was the perfect setting for out shoot. I arrived early (as always) and the owner Andy showed me around (a great guy). Eventually (hahaha) Tracey arrived and we just ended up chatting like long lost mates. We had a great shoot, I had to get very creative as gym’s have lots of mirrors and everywhere I put light I seemed to get a reflection, we also had a very tight deadline and a power-cut. Overall it was a fabulous experience and we got some pretty good pictures at the end of it.


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