Baby Darcy

An old friend Paul who I used to work with with back in my skateboarding days got in contact and asked if I could have a little photo shoot with their lovely baby daughter Darcy.  It was a pleasure to be considered to do this.  When I arrived Darcy was upstairs feeding (that’s what baby’s do) so it was great to have the time to reminisce and catch up with Paul.  In all fairness we both chatted about being new parents as I have little baby Daisy who is now nearly 6 months.  Darcy did eventually grace us with her presence for all of 10 minutes so we had a quick photo shoot.  I guess babies do what they want to do and no one is going to change that.  I am certainly looking forward to documenting Darcy growing up.

Paul and Darcy having some father and daughter bonding time.  These are very special times so it was nice to capture them.  The classic Lucero skateboard in the background is also very important.

Mother and daughter smiling.  A backgdrop full of personality beats a white studio any day (in my opinion)

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