It's your day, not mine. I will do exactly what you ask me to do although of course I can offer suggestions based on my experience if you need some advice. Your wedding is unique and I will treat it as such. I don't have a set template to follow, I go with the flow, take the pictures you want and fit in however suits you best.

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Let's face it. Generic plain white backgrounds are not the best way to showcase the true personality of your family. How often do you jump around in front of a white background in your day to day lives?

I want to photograph your family having the time of your lives in your spiritual home, wherever that is. I understand – I'm a family man who loves the outdoors. So, get your creative juices flowing. Think of a location where your family can really let loose, have fun and be themselves.

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Doesn't everyone dream of the chance to step into the shoes of their favourite sports star?

Here's your chance to live that dream. Let me capture dynamic action shots or 'sportraits' of you taking part in your sport of choice that look good enough to appear on the cover of a magazine.

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John Steel Photography - Yorkshire based wedding photographer, family portraits, sportrait who puts you at the centre of everything.

Families jumping through puddles in the woods, footballers sliding in for a tackle, a bride and groom stealing a sneaky kiss, Auntie Jane letting her hair down at the reception - photographer John Steel prides himself in capturing people as they really are. And if he gets wet, muddy or covered in sand in the process, all the better.

We don't live our lives in front of a white screen, we live life in the most stunning studio of all - the great outdoors - so if you want pictures that capture you, your family or your wedding day in a fun, quirky but most of all quality way, then get in touch.

I also offer high quality commercial photography which will help your business stand out from the crowd. I’ll work carefully to your brief so that together we perfectly portray your staff as you see them every day in the office - hard-working, passionate, and most importantly, individual.


Give your business the edge. I will take images that capture what your company stands for. Professional and approachable? Quirky and creative? Just tell me what you would like.

I’d love to take photographs which you can use with pride for social media, publicity or to display in your offices.

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